Custom WordPress Website Design for Interior Designers

Are you ready to upscale your business? Do you need a sophisticated and strategic website that reflects your careful eye for aesthetics and resonates with your ideal clients?

You’re in the right place, and I would love to support you.

How can I help?

Website Design

You deserve an elegant, strategic website that mirrors your eye for intentional design

Custom Branding

Upgrade your visuals with beautiful branding and print and digital assets to set you apart

A Simple Process

You have enough on your plate without a stressful website build – we make it simple

WEBSITe Updates

Rest easy, knowing we’re maintaining and updating your website behind the scenes


SEO underpins your design – let our consultants position you for success


Use compelling copy to share your story and guide your clients to take action


Even beautiful sites need quality traffic; let our team handle your digital strategy

Workflow Management

Let me audit, then automate your workflow behind the scenes to save you time


Website Design

You work so hard to create the perfect spaces for your clients, and now it’s your moment to shine with the expertise of an experienced designer by your side.

You deserve a beautiful website and brand that resonates with the clients you’re ready to serve. You offer a luxury service with unsurpassed customer care, and your website needs to reflect the attention to detail you offer your clients.

Packages start from £3,000 ($3,800)


Operations Support

Do you’ve spent more time wrestling with admin tasks than focussing your energy on the game-changing work that moves your business forward?

What if we automated those processes for you? Imagine a dedicated team member, tirelessly accurate and always engaged, ready to take on the manual work while you focus on the impactful tasks – that’s how leveraging software automations could simplify your week and save you time, money and energy.

Custom forms and automations start from £600 ($765)


Website Updates and Maintenance

Regular updates, security checks, and bug fixes are essential to prevent downtime and maintain user trust. Keeping a website correctly maintained can feel like a big responsibility and an added headache when you have a business to run.

With my website care plan, you can rest easy knowing that your website is in capable hands. We take care of everything, from routine maintenance to security enhancements, so you can focus on your business. Plus, with the option for additional hours, you can easily make content updates, add new blocks, showcase fresh portfolio pieces, and more, ensuring your website remains a dynamic and effective tool for your business.

Care Plans start from £100 ($125) per month

A simple process

When it comes to web design, it’s not about chasing the latest trends. For me, it’s about crafting a site that’s strategic that stands the test of time, capturing your vision and simplifying your workload.

I make a commitment to you. I genuinely care about your business, your reputation and your life outside work. My tried and tested web design process is organised, considered, enjoyable and simple and I create a space where ideas flow freely, making it a truly collaborative experience. I look for ways to streamline your workflows giving you back your precious time so you can focus on what matters to you most.

Share some details so I can prepare for our discovery call.

When your form has been submitted, you’ll see a link allowing you access to my calendar to book a call at your convenience. Our discovery call will take place over Zoom, lasting around 20-30 minutes, and is a relaxed opportunity for me to learn more about the work you do, the clients you serve and your vision for the future of your business.

We’ll take some time to talk through the functionality you need in order for your website to best support your business and appeal to your ideal clients.

You will receive a customised proposal that summarises our call together and outlines my recommendations for your new website. Within the proposal, you will find an estimated timeline and a detailed description of the design process and what’s included. If you believe your website could benefit from additional services like copywriting, visual branding, strategic SEO consulting or digital marketing, you will also find a quote included. You can then select the services that best suit your needs and set up your preferred payment plan.

With your deposit paid, it will be time to get started. Collaboration is at the heart of my design process. I understand that every client brings a unique vision to the table, and I’m committed to making that vision a reality. You will receive a Welcome Guide, which outlines the process in more detail, provides a checklist so you have a  clear overview of everything I will require from you. Your welcome guide also contains some exercises to help you think through the goals and strategy that will underpin your site.

We will schedule a brand strategy call to deep dive into your processes, the work you do and the clients you serve, and together we will sketch out a timeline for the project that fits with your existing commitments.

If you’ve chosen to collaborate with our copywriter, I’ll introduce you to her so she can familiarise herself with your needs and create tailored copy for you. Additionally, our SEO consultants are available upon request to build your SEO strategy, providing guidance on keywords, metadata, and a content plan going forwards.

I always request that copywriting and images are submitted in full before I begin the design process, and they will be added to the site in one session when we go into development.

Website design involves the creative and technical process of planning, structuring, and visually designing the layout, appearance, and user interface of a website to ensure your clients enjoy an engaging and user-friendly online experience.

If you have chosen for us to design (or re-design) your logo, typography and branding, this is the moment when I’ll integrate your fresh new look into your website. I will sketch out your homepage and send across a video with a summary of the thoughts behind the design and functionality. Your opinion is important to me, and you will have the opportunity to refine the design before we progress to website development. There are three revisions available during the design phase.

With your design approved, we are ready to build out the site, add any plug-ins and develop any functionality you require. By the end of the development phase, you will have a clickable website to explore, built on WordPress within a secure staging environment.

The big day has arrived, and your stunning new website is all set to go live! I dedicate plenty of time to thoroughly test your site across browsers and devices, ensuring that all your plugins are running smoothly and your SEO strategy is fully integrated.

This is such an important day – it’s time to celebrate your hard work and the vision you have for the future of your business.

It is so important to me that I empower you to take ownership of your beautiful new website and maintain it yourself if that’s what you choose to do. You will retain full control of your new website in its entirety and I will book in a training slot with you to show you around. If you are hosting a blog I will share your post templates and explain how to use them, and you can invite your team to our session to ensure you can delegate with ease.

If you would prefer for me to maintain and update your website going forwards, we can get you set up on one of my care plans. Your New Website Guide will house your login information, any video or written tutorials you require, and your design files.

I build lasting relationships with my wonderful clients, and would love to support you going forward with a personalised ongoing care plan. Whether you need technical support to maintain your plug-ins and ensure your website is secure, or if you would prefer ongoing design work and content updates, I’m here for you

“If you’re a designer in need of a professional website designer, Clare is absolutely your go to.”

– Sarah Williams
Locke Interiors

“Clare is creative, flexible, and a great listener, and I am so glad we chose to work with each other.”

– Michelle Calcagni
PhoneBox Group

Erin Thomas The Whitter Group

“Clare is the ultimate creative partner and there simply aren’t enough praises to sing about all the magic she brings to a project.”

– Erin Thomas
The Whitter Group

Hi, I'm Clare Cahill

As a professional working in the luxury service industry and with your careful eye for visuals, I know you already understand the importance of making an impact. And as a business owner myself, I know it’s all too easy to spend so much of your time and energy on your client projects that your business gets pushed to the back of the queue.

It’s not just the time – you can design for others but it always takes longer when it’s for you. You are so close to your brand that it’s easy to get lost in the details.

I would love to support you.

Just as you select every element of your design to create a living space that’s tailored to your client’s needs, I approach your website with the same level of care and attention to detail. Just like you wouldn’t settle for just any paint colour, I understand that every visual element on your website should reflect your style, expertise and personality.

The best part? I make the website design process enjoyable and simple, and most importantly, take care of the geeky stuff!

Let’s work together to make your website as exceptional as your interior design projects.