Automated Systems for Business Leaders

It’s the classic end-of-the-week realisation: you’ve spent more time wrestling with admin tasks than focussing on the game-changing work that moves your business forward. Those hours lost to repetitive to-dos can leave you feeling as if you’ve been treading water instead of sprinting ahead.

While hiring additional staff might seem like a solution, more hands means more training, more management, and more overhead costs, ultimately complicating rather than simplifying your processes.

But what if you had a dedicated team member, tirelessly accurate and always engaged, ready to take on the manual work while you focus on the impactful tasks? That’s the beauty of leveraging the right software.

My strength is my ability to take an overview, identify bottlenecks, and tailor and implement software solutions that specifically fit your business and transform your workflow, freeing you up for what truly matters.

You’re in the right place, and I would love to support you.

Use Cases


Whether you need a lead magnet for your website or want to undertake some market research, I can help you build an interactive and user friendly quiz to engage your audience.


Combine an intuitive contact form that qualifies potential leads with in-depth onboarding processesand nurturing email and SMS sequences to welcome new clients and streamline your workflow.


Specify secure systems to onboard new members of staff, generate contracts and ensure each new hire submits the necessary documentation and passes the relevant checks.

A simple process

It’s not just about saving time (although that’s a huge plus). It’s about enhancing accuracy, consistency, and efficiency. Think of implementing the right software as having a super reliable team member who never tires and never misses a beat.

Automating your systems and processes minimises errors, reduces operational costs, and allows your business to scale smoothly without getting tangled in the weeds of manual work. It’s not just a good idea; it’s a game-changer! Read on to find out how we can work together to streamline your behind the scenes processes.

Share some details so I can prepare for a quick call and find out more about your project.

When your form has been submitted, you’ll see a link allowing you access to my calendar to book a call at your convenience.

On our scheduled Zoom call, I’ll ask some questions to better understand your current process and your goals. I want to understand what is taking up your time, and how each process we need to streamline currently works. That deeper understanding will enable me to sketch out my solution and help you automate your systems more efficiently.

After our call, I’ll send over a brief summary of how I feel we can streamline your workflow, along with an estimate for the investment involved. I charge by the hour for each automation project.

If I feel additional software would benefit your workflow, I will make a recommendation. I request that clients purchase the software directly so that they retain complete ownership of the system.

Following your deposit payment, we will jump on a quick call so I can share your custom solution and explain how your streamlined processes will work. I will provide you with a list of the items I need from you, including login details for software, and we will agree a timeline for the work.

When I receive everything I need from you, I will begin setting up your new automated workflow.

When your new workflow is ready I can show you around.

You will receive an instruction sheet and video to share with staff so that you feel empowered to use your new system. Any updates or refinements can be booked and will be charged at the hourly rate.

Case Study

Sarah Brill is a money mindset coach who uses a quiz to learn more about the way her clients feel about their financials. The quiz was previously delivered using a fillable PDF, which felt clunky and didn’t reflect the polished, high quality service Sarah’s clients knew to expect from her. Calculating her clients’ scored was also taking up Sarah’s time.

I redesigned the quiz for Sarah so her clients could complete it online and receive a custom response via email. We streamlined Sarah’s workflow as well as showcasing her expertise, providing her clients with a better experience and adding an engaging lead magnet to her site.

If you could benefit from a similar service, don’t hesitate to reach out.


"Clare's expertise and guidance were invaluable."

Working with Clare to create my Sacred Money Archetypes Quiz was transformative for my project. I aimed to offer a unique tool to explore one’s money relationship but struggled to structure the quiz effectively before Clare joined.

Her expertise and guidance were invaluable. Clare effortlessly translated my vision into an engaging quiz that exceeded my expectations, becoming a centrepiece of my platform.

Clare’s attention to detail and understanding of my goals resulted in a product that perfectly conveys the essence of what I intended. Our collaboration streamlined my workflow, simplifying the process and offering immense value to my audience.

I thoroughly enjoyed our collaboration. Clare’s approachability, professionalism, and dedication made the journey enjoyable. For anyone considering hiring Clare, I’d say, ‘Absolutely go for it!’ Her expertise elevates any project. It’s been a pleasure working together, and I’m thrilled with the results!

– Sarah Brill
Sarah Brill Coaching