The Discovery Phase

I am so excited to get started on your new website. The Discovery Questionnaire below is designed to allow you to share everything you already know about how you want your new website to look and feel, the journey you would like your visitors to take through the site and the action you ultimately would like them to take.

The more thought you can give the discovery stage of your website build, the more research you can do to gather sample websites you love and think about what speaks to you in each example, and the more time you put into articulating your needs and preferences, the more quickly and smoothly your design journey will go. Although it can feel like a lot to consider, I am always on hand to offer support and guidance throughout your project.

What happens next?

When I have received your Discovery Questionnaire, I will be in touch to schedule your Design Strategy Call. This will be an opportunity to discuss the thoughts you have shared with me so far and sketch out a wireframe together for your new website.

To your success!