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Case Study | The Highboard | Sarah Brill Coaching

London-based Sarah Brill is a Money Mindset Coach. Sarah specialising in working one to one with her clients to help them better understand their current money mindset, and to empower them to find financial freedom and reduce financial stress, working towards a more abundant relationship with their finances.

Sarah was looking to add value and elevate her website by integrating a Sacred Money Archetypes Quiz into her current setup. Up until now, she relied on a fillable PDF to distribute the quiz to clients, manually computing scores before delivering results. My objective centered on streamlining her workflow while refining her processes. I achieved this by crafting an interactive quiz that ensured ease of use and automated score calculations, lending her procedures a more polished and professional touch.

This revamped quiz not only serves as a potent lead generation tool but also amplifies visitor engagement and enriches user experience. Beyond its immediate benefits, the quiz generates insightful data, empowering Sarah to better prepare for initial consultations with new clients.


“Working with Clare to create my Sacred Money Archetypes Quiz was transformative for my project. I aimed to offer a unique tool to explore one’s money relationship but struggled to structure the quiz effectively before Clare joined.

Her expertise and guidance were invaluable. Clare effortlessly translated my vision into an engaging quiz that exceeded my expectations, becoming a centrepiece of my platform.

Clare’s attention to detail and understanding of my goals resulted in a product that perfectly conveys the essence of what I intended. Our collaboration streamlined my workflow, simplifying the process and offering immense value to my audience.

I thoroughly enjoyed our collaboration. Clare’s approachability, professionalism, and dedication made the journey enjoyable. For anyone considering hiring Clare, I’d say, ‘Absolutely go for it!’ Her expertise elevates any project. It’s been a pleasure working together, and I’m thrilled with the results!”

About the author

Clare Cahill is a website designer with a passion for creating websites for interior designers. Clare creates classic, strategic websites that stand the test of time, as well as offering software based solutions to streamline your workflow behind the scenes.

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As an interior designer, you know you need a website that reflects your commitment to quality and gives your ideal clients confidence in your ability to bring order and beauty to their homes, as well as offering them a glimpse of the exceptional experience they can expect working with you.

Your time is precious and shouldn’t be spent learning to code and maintain a website. You want to work with a website designer who understands your values, celebrates your work and ensures the process is simple and enjoyable.

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I am a web designer with a passion for supporting interior designers and creative professionals


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"Clare is the ultimate creative partner"

Clare is the ultimate creative partner and there simply aren’t enough praises to sing about all the magic she brings to a project.

As the owner of a communications firm, I spent YEARS looking for someone of Clare’s caliber and creative genius to partner with for clients who needed website designs and builds. No one ever came close. Her creativity is endless. Her ideas are truly unique and memorable. Her communication is top-notch and ridiculously appreciated. I have worked with Clare now on many projects and have to yet to find an industry or niche where she doesn’t shine. I will say that she is especially talented when it comes to bring other creatives’ visions to life (designers, photographers, artists, etc.) Her ability to get to the heart of what matters most and to relay in clean, clear, ‘simple’ ways for maximum results is really incredible.

The cherry on top? Clare is a consummate professional. She is organized, detail-oriented and very thorough. This makes all the difference when it comes to the ‘business’ side of a partnership.

If you’re looking for support with your website, you’ve found your person. Clare is her. I promise.

– Erin Thomas
The Whitter Group