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Case Study | The Highboard | PhoneBox Group

Chicago-based PhoneBox Group are a global consulting team with a difference. CEO Michelle Calcagni was keen that her website didn’t just feel corporate and professional – she wanted to covey her personality as well as her expertise.

Like a lot of my clients, PhoneBox Group started their online journey with a DIY website. While it was a solid start, homemade sites often can’t keep up as your business scales, and that’s where I stepped in. The PhoneBox Group team knew their existing website wasn’t representing their global brand online. They came to me for a website redesign to reflects the calibre of clients the team work with. The website needed to hold its own alongside the slick professional corporate style of PhoneBox Group’s competitors, while retaining the brand’s character. We redesigned the site from scratch using existing copy.

What about The Highboard Creative’s offering, background or approach was important to you?

I loved that Clare’s approach is so collaborative and focused on bringing out the best aspects of a firm/leader. I wanted to push boundaries, try new things and create a feeling as much as provide information. I knew from talking with Clare and looking at her approach that she could provide this. Just the idea of someone who starts a project by celebrating women with strong personalities was a huge draw!

How did the work we did together impact your organization?
There has been a great impact internally and externally. Internally, our new site has become the foundation of all of our marketing and sales strategies. Having such a professional site meant that we could embed its content in proposals and it’s also been specifically created to be scalable. Externally, the site has gotten rave reviews and we’ve been asked many times who created it. Here’s what I love most – the feedback always talks about how it represents PhoneBox accurately in terms of both content and the feelings it inspires.

What is it like to work with Clare?
In one word – fabulous! This was a true collaboration, with ideas flying back and forth throughout the project. Clare also challenged me, asking questions and suggesting approaches that I might not have considered or that I found a bit scary (but that were the right solutions). Clare wasn’t my supplier for this project – she was my partner in it. That made a big difference, and is one reason I think she’s so well suited to working with strong, smart women.

What would you tell others about Clare/The Highboard Creative?
Websites can be nightmare projects (I know from experience), but my perspective has entirely changed after this project. The most telling statement is at the end of the project, I was already looking forward to Phase 2 because I miss Clare’s collaboration and our conversations!

About the author

Clare Cahill is a website designer with a passion for creating websites for interior designers. Clare creates classic, strategic websites that stand the test of time, as well as offering software based solutions to streamline your workflow behind the scenes.

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"Clare is the ultimate creative partner"

Clare is the ultimate creative partner and there simply aren’t enough praises to sing about all the magic she brings to a project.

As the owner of a communications firm, I spent YEARS looking for someone of Clare’s caliber and creative genius to partner with for clients who needed website designs and builds. No one ever came close. Her creativity is endless. Her ideas are truly unique and memorable. Her communication is top-notch and ridiculously appreciated. I have worked with Clare now on many projects and have to yet to find an industry or niche where she doesn’t shine. I will say that she is especially talented when it comes to bring other creatives’ visions to life (designers, photographers, artists, etc.) Her ability to get to the heart of what matters most and to relay in clean, clear, ‘simple’ ways for maximum results is really incredible.

The cherry on top? Clare is a consummate professional. She is organized, detail-oriented and very thorough. This makes all the difference when it comes to the ‘business’ side of a partnership.

If you’re looking for support with your website, you’ve found your person. Clare is her. I promise.

– Erin Thomas
The Whitter Group